for parents, carers, professionals, children and young people

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  Tuning into kids & Tuning into teens

  • A 5 week group program focussing at  to raising emotionally intelligent children & teenagers.

  • Parents will learn how to apply the  5 step process of emotion coaching.

  • By acknowledging how emotions and behaviours are connected, parents will learn how to assist their children in managing emotions as anger, sadness and anxiety in a positive way.

  • Tuning into Kids is best suited for parents of children aged 3-12,

  • Tuning into Teens for children aged 12-18. 


Individualised 1-on-1 parenting courses  are available in the areas of:

  • Managing Challenging behaviours

  • Dealing with big emotions, including:

  • Anger

  • Sadness

  • Anxiety

  • Sibling rivalry

  • Dealing with change, loss and grief

  • Supporting young carers

Cool Kids 

  • A 10 week course for parents and children to deal with the child's anxiety.

  • This program helps both parent and child to better manage the child’s anxiety.

  • Children will learn to better understand their anxiety and to change their anxious behaviours by facing their fears

  • Parent takes on the role of the coach.

  •  Suited for children aged 8+.  

Circle of Security

  • An 8 week parenting course which focusses at building strong and positive relationship with their young child.

  • This course specifically helps parents to understand how babies and young children communicate their needs and how we  can best support those needs.

  • Ideally suited for parents of children aged 0 till 5. 

Triple P -Positive Parenting 

  • A 3 week seminar series focussing at how to build positive relationships with children and how to manage challenging behaviours.  

  • The seminars include lots of practical tips in how to develop social and communication skill, positive self-estee, independence skills and  emotional resilience in children.

  • Triple P is suited for parents of children aged 3-10. 


Seasons for growth Parent programs


  • 2 parenting programs focussing at  supporting your child following separation and  divorce - or the death of someone they love

  • Over 2 session  parents will be assisted in understanding the experience of separation  divorce or bereavement from a child's perspective

  • Parents will also  learn effective , evidence based ways  to support their child

CHILLAX- for Children with AD/HD

A  6 week strengths based skill building course to help children/teenagers manage their ADHD symptoms. Skills taught include staying:

  • Cool

  • Calm

  • Collected

  • Controlled

  • Confident

RAGE Anger management 


A 6 week skills based program for

children and teenagers which focusses


  •  understanding angry emotions

  • understanding guilt

  • learning healthy expressions of  anger


Seasons for Growth

An 8 week psycho education al program on loss, grief and change for children and young people, focussing at:

  • exploring  the feelings and emotions associated with loss, grief and change.

  • learning new ways to respond  to  these changes.

Tailor made workshops for children teenagers, parents, carers, teachers and professionals in the areas of:

  • Anger 

  • Anxiety

  • Resilience

  • Stress management

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Workshops are tailor made and will suit the particular seize, age group  and needs of a group.