I liked the openness, content and support of the sessions. Godelieve is very empathetic and great at drawing out and learning for difficult situations. I also really enjoyed her frankness and ability to make everyone in our family comfortable. (1-on-1 parenting support)

Thank you for these life-changeing sessions!! You're a wonderful, warm and engaging presenter and can communicate very profound ideas in such an accessible, easy to understand way. (1-on-1 parenting support)

The course has been a topic of conversation over the last few weeks amongst many of my friends with teens. Whilst I haven't polished my new skills just yet, I suddenly feel like an expert when chatting to others! Hopefully some of the advice you gave us will help so many others as we pay it forward. I have also recommended the course to these people as I think so many would benefit from it. Life is too short to be miserable with our teens! We (and they) must embrace all the moments, good and bad, as it's all we have! (Tuning into Teens)

I attended all 3 Triple P seminars at the long day care centre my children attend, and just wanted to say thanks for presenting such an engaging series. It was so informative and I think everyone got so much to take away and work together with our families to make positive changes.  (Triple P seminar series)

The sessions have helped me to focus more at emotions. I listen more and show empathy by acknowledging my children’s feelings. I mostly liked the openness in our group – the ability to be very upfront about issues that may have been bugging me or I didn’t deal with.  (Tuning into Kids)

Over the time that we have been attending the program my daughter has become more confident, less anxious, and generally happier. The skills she learnt at Cool Kids were great and I think it was also great for her to see that other children have similar concerns and fears as well. (Cool Kids, 2015)

Loved the seminar and found the parenting tips very helpful. It was nice to see so many parents turning up and made me feel less alone with my struggles. ( Anxiety seminar)

As a young mum I felt judged a lot by other parents, but this course has given me the confidence that I can understand the needs of my baby and it allows me to be a good mum my son.  (Circle of Security, 2013)



Feedback from workshop participants